Alex Kahn

.NET Developer

Alex Kahn grew up in Binghamton New York as the eldest of 3. After getting a game system for Christmas as a child he knew that he wanted to do something with computers. He wrote his first application in a high school programming class. He was accepted into the Software Engineering program at Rochester Institute of Technology. During that time he was an active member of the Society of Software Engineers and also ran the fundraising committee.

He received his first taste in the professional programming world was as the project manager of a project at Webster Bank where he created a data mining tool designed to make internal testing easier. Next he went to Johnson & Johnson, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. There, he was tasked with helping to stream line their QA process. Next at Siteworx, he was the primary developer for 7 different projects – all while working in an agile environment and doing bi-weekly builds.

(202) 223-8656