Chris Brandon

Senior Content Strategist

Chris fell in love with the internet when his parents bought him a Commodore 64 computer and he figured out how to connect it to a local BBS. In college, he was part of a three-person team that put the student newspaper, The Auburn Plainsman, on the web for the first time.

Most of his fellow graduates in the journalism department went to work for newspapers, but Chris parlayed his love of digital content into a career. He joined a Generation X website run by Turner Broadcasting, and has since managed the homepage at WebMD and launched a multi-platform content program for Hilton.

Chris is dedicated to producing outstanding content that both engages users and meets business needs. He believes that every piece of content should have an actionable takeaway, whether it’s convincing readers to purchase a product or adopt a healthy lifestyle change.

When he’s not writing, Chris can be found running the trails in Rock Creek Park or biking around D.C. He has a bike for every occasion: commuting, training, and trail riding. He also enjoys reading fantasy novels and really wishes George R.R. Martin would hurry up already.

B.A., Journalism, Auburn University

(202) 223-8656