Eugene Beckley

Technical Business Analyst

Eugene Beckley likes to tinker with things, whether he’s reviewing designs for a new website or writing covers of hit songs on saxophone. That unique curiosity and attention to detail serves him well in his role as a Technical Business Analyst.

Eugene is instrumental is moving projects from concepts to finished results. Working closely with colleagues and clients, he helps identify technical challenges and develop requirements that lead to outstanding experiences that meet everyone’s needs. He believes in incorporating forward-thinking solutions that give end-users autonomy and mitigate future issues. Eugene has more than 10 years’ experience supporting and analyzing digital systems. Prior to joining Interactive Strategies, he worked for an IT service provider specializing in government programs.

When he’s not at work, Eugene likes playing rugby, taking photographs, reading and traveling. Some of his favorite places he’s traveled to are Amsterdam, Belize and London. He’s looking forward to visiting Colombia, Iceland and Thailand.

B.A., Political Science and Government, The George Washington University

(202) 223-8656