Ian Hollands

Front-End Developer

Ian first developed a deep passion for coding in the unlikeliest of places - studying Russian and Arabic. His fascination with the origins, evolution, and usage of spoken language stems from an intense interest in communication and culture, so when he started his career in strategic communications in 2013, he quickly recognized the power and opportunity in programming and computing languages, diving in headfirst.

Ian brings years of experience working as a K-Street consultant in the pharmaceutical, public health, immigration, and international dispute-resolution sectors. With a keen eye for visual design and a knack for creative problem solving, he has helped to craft digital media solutions for clients such as Gilead Sciences, Emory University, Cognizant, and SNCF, among others. A rarity in web development, Ian also possesses strong experience in graphic design, shaping UI strategy and efficiently mapping designs to beautiful, functional user interfaces.

When he’s not coding, you can usually find Ian working up a sweat in the kitchen, nose deep in non-fiction, or practicing something that vaguely resembles yoga.

B.A, Russian and Arabic, University of Virginia
Web Development Immersive, General Assembly

(202) 223-8656