Jacob Worrell

Senior Digital Project Manager

Jacob Worrell is a calming presence in the often stressful world of project management. For the past five years, he’s practiced mindful meditation for 30 minutes every day, and he brings that discipline and deep focus to work with him.

As a senior project manager, Jacob is responsible for keeping complex projects running on time, under budget and without hiccups. He likes collaborating with clients and feels strongly about including their perspectives throughout the project plan and strategy. Jacob has experience working in government, non-profit and the private sector, so he can handle just about any project that comes his way. Prior to working at Interactive Strategies, he led project management for a social justice agency and worked for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. A veteran himself, Jacob served four years in the Army, which provides unique and invaluable skills to his role as a digital project manager.

Outside of work, Jacob enjoys spending time with his family and chasing his two boys around. He likes picking up new interests frequently, but one he’s stuck with for a while is drinking craft beers.

B.A., Economics, Philosophy, Amherst College

(202) 223-8656