Naveed Ahmad

Director of .NET Development

Naveed brings the same passion to developing websites that he does to cooking food. And he’s a whiz at both. As the leader of our development team, he remains on top of a constantly evolving field and is always looking to expand his skill set.

With more than 12 years of development experience and leadership, Naveed adds a strong leadership dimension to the Interactive Strategies development team. He has worked with some of the largest media and digital agencies in Europe and the United States, and many of his projects have won national media awards. Naveed is a self-confessed Sitecore enthusiast, and he will be instrumental in helping us improve how we develop and implement Sitecore for our clients.

When not building websites, or whipping up a meal in the kitchen, Naveed enjoys spending time with his family and binge-watching Netflix (some of his favorite shows: Breaking Bad, Narcos, Blacklist). During the summer, he plays as a batsman for the Washington Cricket League.

M.S., Computer and Network Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University
B.S., Computer System Engineering, GIKI

(202) 223-8656