By Interactive Strategies
Oct 26, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - And the Winner Is...

Following the culmination of Octobërgerfest day 5, we tallied the numbers and counted every vote.

After a very close, very heated contest, one burger joint has emerged victorious.  Despite our subjective experiences and personal preferences, the numbers don't lie.  Without further adieu, the winner of the 1st Annual Octobërgerfest is...

Bobby's Burger Palace!

For those interested in the hard data, here's how the stats break down.


Day 1
Black and Orange
61/75 points
= 81% (average score)

Day 2
Shake Shack
72/125 points (a 10 point bonus was added for the free shakes and good vibes!)
= 58% (average score)

Day 3
Five Guys
62/75 points
= 83% (average score)

Day 4
BGR: The Burger Joint
62/75 points
= 83% (average score)

Day 5
Bobby's Burger Palace
65/75 points
= 87% (average score)


All things considered, Bobby's Burger Palace does a superlative job in defending Mr. Flay's reputation.  It is that rare burger joint that gets points for style AND substance.  The winning combination of delicious, perfectly prepared burgers and sides, along with a truly great restaurant design, fun ambiance and friendly staff make this our top pick.   BBP is the real deal.  And a celebrity chef's name above the door certainly helps.  

Close runners up were Five Guys and BGR in a dead tie for 2nd place at 62 points (83%) each.  Black and Orange (still my personal favorite!) came in at third, with the terrific folks at Shake Shack rounding out the bottom.

As evidenced by our little taste-test adventure, Washington DC definitely gets kudos for being a meaty contender in the realm of flame-grilled goodness. Of course, a little healthy competition is okay by me.  And in a town full of burger joints like these, you can't possibly go wrong.  Looking ahead towards next year, we can only wonder what surprises Octobërgerfest II has in store.  Until then, bon apetit!

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