By Dan Jecha
Jan 22, 2015

Beauty is more than skin-deep. Is your brand?

As visual beings, humans are drawn to eye-catching, beautifully appealing images. Ask anyone what comes to mind when they picture a brand and they’ll probably say, “their logo.” And while powerful brands certainly need a logo that is strong and recognizable, the logo is just the tip of the iceberg. To resonate with consumers, brands must dig deep below the surface and appeal to their emotions.

What defines your brand? The most powerful brands have taken a stance to solve a problem and have a story to share. Their strategy is rooted in their values and morals, which leads to great success. Why? Because customers are more inclined to trust a brand if they understand what they do, why they do it and can sense their authenticity.

Follow these steps to ensure that your brand will resonate with your audience in an emotional and actionable way:

1) Establish your brand values

  • Ask yourself: How do I want my costumers to describe me? 
  • List these qualities and then commit to embodying them. Examples include: passionate, trustworthy, playful, agile, etc. 

2) Define your brand promise

  • Think about the experience you want your customers to have – from the quality of your product to the professionalism of your customer service staff. 

3) Discover what drives you

  • Do you remember why you created your product or service in the first place? This is the same driving factor that will motive your customers and advance your business – don’t lose sight of it. Instead, incorporate the driving factor into every aspect of your brand.

4) Strengthen your differentiator

  • What makes you stand out from your competitors?
  • Be true to who you are and emphasize what makes you unique.

Once you’ve built the foundation of your brand, you can transition to its face and voice. All of your brand’s elements should combine into one consistent, harmonious package that tells your unique story. Keep this in mind when selecting the surface characteristics like your colors, typography, photography and copy; your brand on the outside should always reflect who your brand is on the inside.

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