By Interactive Strategies
Aug 19, 2011

Boost Your Rankings with Social Media

Even though establishing your business' presence on social media channels is more about engaging your customers and building trust in your brand, there’s no harm in reaping the SEO benefits that come along with it.  Below we have listed some best practices on how to leverage each social media outlet to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines.

Content, content, content. As Cory mentioned earlier, content is king, and keeping your blog up-to-date helps your site rank better organically. A blog also encourages link-building (if you give users the ability to email and share your engaging new posts on social media sites). Added bonus: the more sharing, the more traffic to your blog.

There are several key areas on your Facebook page that you can optimize for SEO.  For example, make sure the "About" and "Company Overview" sections include keywords and phrases. Incorporate keywords into your status updates and image descriptions to ensure important terms are mentioned throughout your profile. The "Notes" section can also be beneficial for providing more optimized content, as well as links back to your company website or blog.

Each YouTube video has an area for descriptive text. Use it. Take this opportunity to optimize the text areas for each video you post with high-priority keyword phrases.

Twitter gives users 160 characters for a brief bio. This is yet another place where you can drive traffic around your business’ relevant key terms.

No tips here, yet. But once Google+ allows for company profiles, it will create one more social media outlet where you can optimize for SEO. Stay tuned for more information on that strategy!

Social media has its obvious benefits, like extending your brand, building loyal and devoted fans, increasing reach and communicating your message. The SEO benefits are equally powerful because with SEO, every bit counts. If you don’t already have profiles on the social media sites I mentioned what are you waiting for? Start expanding your SEO strategy through social media today.

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