By Interactive Strategies
Aug 14, 2013

Content Is King

The cliche is true: Content IS king.

Your interactive experience won’t go far without great content. In fact, there's no limit to how far it can go with great content.

At this moment your brand may have a website, social profiles, a mobile presence and a possibly a blog - or any combination of these. In the past many brands considered each a separate and exclusive entity with individual content strategies, editorial plans and (most likely) editors in chief. But today we know better. We know that in this multi-channel world the key is to deliver compelling content with a consistent message that's tailored to reach audiences at each of these touch points. With this approach you will reap amazing benefits, such as:

  • Tell your brand story.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • Reach new fans and followers.
  • Engage fans and followers to take action (e.g., click! like us! retweet!).
  • Entice your most adoring fans and followers to share your great content with their circles.

So where do you start? That's where content strategy comes in.

From thoughtful brand discovery to content audits to copywriting, we offer a comprehensive approach to content strategy that results in great content that drives your audience to take action.

Interested? Here’s what we offer.

Copywriting: Whether you need content for the web, an email campaign or for your social media platforms, our copywriters can create content for you. We immerse ourselves in your business, your products and your industry. We create a style and tone for your editorial voice. We then write content to engage audiences across all of your channels.

Brand Message Development:We find the right message to tell your brand story. Through creative brand exercises we can help you refresh an existing brand, launch a new one or extend it into new frontiers like social media.

Content Audit: We like to clean house. In the content strategy world this means reviewing your existing site to assess your content and decide what stays – and what goes. When it comes to social, we analyze your profiles to see what posts resonate best with users. We use our insights to craft copy that cuts through the social clutter.

Content Workshops: Let's make you a copywriter. At our interactive workshop we'll show you how to reach your audience no matter where and how they connect with you – via your website, social platforms, mobile site and blog.

We believe content comes first and so should you. Check out our Content Services to learn how we can help you drive conversions, engage readers and increase fans and followers with compelling, sharable content.

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