By Interactive Strategies
Mar 03, 2014

Digital Marketing for Restaurants That Gets People In the Door

Over a year ago, my girlfriend and I found ourselves at the annual contemplation of where to go for DC restaurant week.  At that point we had always enjoyed getting a three-course meal from a premium-priced steak chain for $35.99 per person… but we wanted something new.

Our search started with Google, as it so often does, to see what other foodies had to say about getting the best value from the Restaurant Week promotion.  The 200+ restaurants participating in the promotion share the same price for 3 courses but vary greatly in value - which I can definitely attest to. Some restaurants offer amazing food experiences at a fixed, reasonable price, while others use the week to roll out a different menu – often with less quality and less expensive ingredients – to appease the crowd. 

Hence why I went to Google to research.

We found through search, however, that Floriana of DuPont had delighted its guests with superlative service, gourmet dishes, an unrestricted menu for restaurant week; it was the optimal choice.  We went, were overwhelmed with satisfaction, and became hooked- Ryan knows what I’m talking about. I was raving about my dining experience for a week afterward in person with friends and family and on Twitter. Almost two months later I found a Groupon and we were back. Months after that, winter Restaurant Week rolled around and there was no decision to be made: we were going to Floriana. At this point the friendly staff recognizes us and we know what we're getting before we even look at the menu. 

The lesson of my story is that restaurants in today’s world need engaging social media pages and handles to communicate weekly deals or enjoyable content with fans of the restaurant.  Customer lifetime value attained through effective SEO, word of mouth, promotions, social deals, and delivery of a great experience is the name of the game – especially the latter due to the existence of positive reviews being so pivotal in restaurant goers’ decisions.

While applicable to many industries, these digital marketing tactics are critical to restaurants because of the product and service considerations of the sale decision. The consumer often has a plethora of options to choose from, so they are likely to put in their research to make sure they get the most bang for their buck.

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