By Ryan McBurney
Dec 09, 2013

Digital News You Need to Know: Google Launches +Post Ads

Yep, still on my Google+ kick.

The more I use it and engage, the more I love it. My apologies that I’m not particularly apologetic. (I’m currently boycotting the term “sorry I’m not sorry” – long story).

I’m especially excited about Google+ today because I’ve just come across some really cool news – the launch of Google’s +Post Ads.

+Post ads allow brands to take a piece of their public Google+ content and turn it into a display ad that runs across the Google Display Network.

I’m pretty pumped. This launch is very relevant to a few of our upcoming projects and we have very high hopes regarding the potential of these ads. Google’s robust integration capabilities and massive reach will allow these ads to powerfully promote social content (especially video content) and build relevant conversations across the web – not just on social media channels.

Check out this video to see the new ads in action. Toyota is using the new ads to boost awareness and start online conversations around the 2014 Toyota Corolla launch.

What do you think about Google's new ads? Do you think they will give brands a powerful new channel to promote content and drive engagement? 

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