By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2011

Finding the Big Idea

InfinityQS makes the world’s leading real-time SPC software. What’s that mean? Don’t worry, we had no idea either when we took on the company’s website redesign. But we soon learned that their software is used in factories around the globe to make products safe – from ketchup to cars to medicine to airplanes. Cool.

And luckily we had our kick-off meeting at their offices because we got to see (we are visual people afterall) what that really means. Their lobby is full of consumer products from companies they work with: Heinz ketchup bottles, cans of Pepsi, boxes of Kraft foods. Very cool.

So what’s the point? InfinityQS is a big player with a great quality control product that was built by the world’s brightest engineers and statisticians (read math geniuses). But you wouldn’t know that by going to their old website. In a sea of product information, technical jargon and confusing navigation, the message of who they are and what makes them great was nowhere to be found.

We quickly realized during the Strategy Phase that the key to this project’s success was first tackling the message. Our challenge was to demonstrate the company’s prowess, the product’s greatness and the smarts of their in-house talent.

So how did we do it? We developed a comprehensive content strategy designed to communicate the company differentiators (Why InfinityQS), the power of the product (ProFicient), the impressive client list (Industries) and the expertise of InfinityQS staff (with branding and launch of the QualityCheck Blog). We cross-pollinated the site with these key points and integrated them into the homepage to ensure the message was clear, consistent and complete no matter where a user was on the site.

The result is pretty amazing. Since launching the website in March 2011 InfinityQS has seen:

  • 68% decrease in the bounce rate (visitors who come and leave immediately)
  • 133% increase in pageviews
  • 364% increase in the average time on site 

So what’s my big idea? This project is a great example of why taking a step back to evaluate your communication efforts and define the big concepts you need to convey is so critical. With a solid content strategy in place you focus your message. And your users understand where you are coming from, what you do and why it important. As a result they will come back for more.

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