By Interactive Strategies
Feb 17, 2012

How to Reboot Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email is most definitely not dead. With nearly a billion new email addresses being created in the next few years , even more people are using it for both personal and commercial communication. There will be more email accounts in 2014 than either social networking or instant messaging accounts, despite growth in both.

That means for at least two more years, your target audience is likely using email for everyday communications. In fact, email continues to be the medium by which nearly three-quarters of adults prefer to receive commercial communication. 

Your audience hasn’t given up on email, and neither should you.

If you’re among the 42% who continue to segment your lists based on personal data or subscriber actions, that’s a great start to maintaining an effective email marketing strategy. But why not take that strategy to the next level. In other words, join the 36% who try to re-engage users via re-activation campaigns?

First things first. Provide value no matter what. 

Email marketing can be great for driving leads, but even a great call to sign up for monthly email newsletters can result in unsubscribes. Or even worse – the dreaded delete each month when the underlying content simply doesn’t deliver. Any ongoing email communication must continually provide value. Digest emails are fine, so long as the underlying content is remarkable.

Next, re-market to your email list. 

1. Understand your subscribers' actions. 
When subscribers open an email, should they be congratulated? Probably not. How about when they click to an article or blog post? Why, yes, that might just work. Tracking your clickthrough rate and working to improve it is a valuable endeavor. Even more valuable is learning what the subscriber thought once they consumed that post-click content. Did it bring them closer to taking the ultimate action you wanted them to take?
You can find out by simply asking them in a follow-up email. For example: “Was the content useful to solve your problem?” and “Oh, by the way, you might be interested in this related content, too.”

A survey is a great idea as well. Case in point: My trash collection company discounts its services for filling out the company survey. My wife fills it out almost every time. That means my trash collection company can track trends in customer satisfaction. I bet they do and so should you.

2. Reactivate your campaign. 
What’s the easiest way to increase your open rate, and probably your clickthrough rate? Delete inactive subscribers, of course! We know that many of you pride yourselves on your number of email subscribers, but do you know how many of them are active versus inactive? Inactive users deserve attention. That might mean a “We miss you” subject line is in order, or it might mean you do one of the following:

  • Asking them what they’d like to see out of your email communications.
  • Promoting your social media channels as alternative modes of communication.
  • Delivering an offer you think they just can’t refuse.
  • Develop a time-sensitive incentive to taking an action.

Email marketing is alive and well. And with 36% of consumers saying email became more relevant in 2011 , now is your chance to make the most out of your email communications.

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