By Interactive Strategies
Sep 17, 2013

I.S. Takes Part in Giving Back to Local DC NonProfits

We have the pleasure of taking part in a fantastic local event this year, Giveback DC. It’s truly an honor and we look forward to our work helping DC nonprofits boost their digital marketing. In preparation of the event, we thought it would be great to give you a sense of what Giveback DC is by allowing you to hear about the event directly from the wizard behind the curtain, Homiera Emam from WDG.

LW: Good Morning Homiera, thank you for joining me today.
HE: My pleasure Levi, I appreciate the opportunity to talk a little about GBDC.

LW: So tell me about what Giveback DC  is and why you started the project?

HE: GiveBack DC (GBDC) is an annual initiative to provide area nonprofits with strengthened web presences. As long-time residents of the DC-metro area, WDG is dedicated to serving our local community. This event began in 2012, in its original format, bringing together volunteers from the DC creative circle for a weekend of volunteering their skills to local nonprofits in need of a WordPress website. This year Giveback DC brings together 4 creative agencies from the DC area to each provide a deserving non-profit with a new interactive experience.

LW: Why is this project important to you?

HE: Having worked with a number of under-funded nonprofits over the years, we have learned that some nonprofit organizations—so focused on bettering our community—needed better access to online tools for promoting their causes and reaching new supporters. Our ability to work together with other agencies, such as Interactive Strategies, during GBDC allows us to tap into our peers' resources and provide these nonprofits with the web and marketing tools they need to further their mission and to help fund their important causes.

LW: GBDC is in its second year. How do you see this year being different from the last and do you have plans for expanding to other cities?

HE: As we forge ahead with October's event in DC, the feedback and support have been so strong and positive that we are now partnering up with agencies across the country to bring GiveBack to New York City and Denver in early 2014! As we spread our goals of promoting volunteer work and corporate social responsibility, we are excited to have this opportunity to share our experience and skills with other cities.

LW: Have you kept in touch with any of the non-profits from last year's event? How are the projects from the previous event holding up?

HE: Last year's nonprofits—Borromeo Housing, Phoenix Bikes, and DC Diaper Bank—have achieved a successful 12 months of web traffic and fundraising since participating in our inaugural event. Thanks to the talented teams of professionals, as well as the donation of consulting services from several of our amazing sponsors, this year's nonprofits will receive a massive increase in their digital presences.

Thank you again to Homiera for taking time out of her busy schedule. Please be sure to follow this year's Giveback DC event by visiting and check back often for updates about other events across the country.

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