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By Ryan McBurney
Aug 17, 2018

Sending some <3 on National Nonprofit Day

Today we celebrate National Nonprofit Day by recognizing a few of our mission-led, passion-driven clients.

By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2014

Can Our Social Media Platforms Actually Help People?

As the new summer marketing intern here at Interactive Strategies, I have been introduced to a completely new realm of social media; a realm replete with online startups attempting to establish themselves as viable competitors in a market focused around a few digital giants (similar to the dot com bubble of the nineties? No way—not with the existing web platform that companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have solidified). I’ve found tech companies chomping at the bit to prove themselves in...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2014

34 Ways To Be a Better Marketer

Sometimes the things we need to make us better at what we do (and who we are) can't be found in spreadsheets or data graphs. Sometimes it comes from somewhere else. That intangible place is where this post comes from. It is my hope that with these 34 thoughts you find perhaps two or three that provide meaning, guidance, and maybe even a stepping stone to becoming the success you want to be.


Dont be lazy.

Learn what works, and what won't.

Know what will get you in trouble,...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

Sites of Note - Vol 9

It's time once again to take a gander at some lovely websites that have surprised, delighted and entertained us over the past few days.


Based in Chicago and San Francisco, digital agency Weightshift recently unveiled a terrific redesign of their site.  While the previous version was certainly nothing to scoff at, the site's newest incarnation is bright, shiny and refreshingly austere.  Really admire the candid tone of their Memo section, and lots of great...

By Dean Burney
Dec 14, 2012

Getting to the Bottom of Navigation

Every good web designer is familiar with the conflict of innovation vs convention.
For example, everyone knows that logos go on the top left, search boxes on the top right, interior page navigation typically sits on the left, advertisements on the right, etc. Unfortunately, this flies in the face of the natural instinct of a designer to try new things and push the envelope. Conventional layouts may not always be the most elegant, or in many cases, not even the most logical - but user habits lead...

By Interactive Strategies
Nov 01, 2012

Dispatches from DrupalCon Day Three

Day 3 got underway with many if not all of the attendees roaming the convention center with a painfully large amount of new information rattling around their heads. The sheer volume of information so far exceeds  brain capacity, most of us were drained and yet eager to push more information around.
The keynote was by Luke Wroblewski and focused on mobile first development. This was not a highlight for the day, not because the content was poor, but because the rest of the day’s sessions...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 19, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol. 8

After a bit of a hiatus over the busy holiday months, Sites of Note has returned!  As always, we've handpicked a handful of sites worth persusing for some much deserved web-inspiration.   This time around we've found a site that might even improve your web workflow. First up:

1.)  If That Then This —
IFTTT is a tool that lets you compile a set of batch processes or actions that will initiate when something happens on the web involving you. ...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol.7: Austin Beerworks

It's often been said that Texas is not to be messed with.  If the website for Austin-based brewery Austin Beerworks is any indication, Texans sure know how to wrangle up a quality brewski, and a great website to match.

As a self-professed lover of all things typographical on the web, I'm immediately drawn to the the large decorative lettering used as display type on the homepage. While this particular example is not the result of some CSS @font-face wizardry (they're all images),...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol.6: You're Just My Type

Modern developments in CSS and Javascript have made gorgeous web typography increasingly de rigeur.  While home-brewed @font-face declarations in addition to services such as TypeKit and WebType have gained plenty of traction, there is certainly something to be said for the more austere, inventive or unusual implementations of typography that reach beyond the basic technical parameters.  Here are seven (lucky you!) sites that are noteworthy for doing something unique while maintaining a...

By Interactive Strategies
Sep 02, 2011

Site of Note #5

Drupal Camp Atlanta

Drupalcamp Atlanta is an attendee-driven, completely volunteer initiative modeled after the open, participatory nature of barcamps. The event is catered towards those who have a like-minded interest in Drupal or simply want to find out more about Drupal.



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