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Sep 18, 2017

By Interactive Strategies
Sep 18, 2017

By Interactive Strategies
Dec 22, 2015

Get To Know IS: Sarah Proper

Sarah Proper is a Front End Developer and a chili cookoff queen. Learn more about her!

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 13, 2015

Digital Summit

Interactive Strategies is sponsoring the Digital Summit!

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Feb 21, 2014

Winners of The Things We Love!

IS was buzzing last night at our open house as we celebrated the clients, colleagues and friends who have helped us along the way.
The evening was full of fun and laughter. We were thrilled to see everyone having a good time grabbing a signature drink, enjoying the food, admiring the flowers and office space, taking photos in front of our screen animation of clients, and being silly behind the camera of the now famous photo booth. Truly, we thank you for making one great party.
Without further...

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Feb 14, 2014

Celebrating The Things We Love

It’s St. Valentine’s Day so we decided to hop onboard the love train and take a moment to celebrate the people, places and things that make us smile. There’s certainly a lot of love to go around IS these days. Our clients rule (as usual). Our projects are more exciting than ever. And we’re digging our sweet new office digs.
So I decided to spread the love, and polled some of my IS Peeps to see what they’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day. About their jobs, the industry, hobbies, family, friends...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 19, 2013

A Whirlwind Tour of Launches

Since the beginning of the year, the Design and Development staff here at Interactive Strategies has been heads down with a series of launches.  The team has managed to complete four builds in the past two months.   Two of them were extremely complex builds that ran over a very long period of time because it was the release of Interactive Strategies’ first Drupal Feature Distribution.  The feature distribution is for community content driven web applications.  ...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 18, 2013

Why we are going to Drupalcon Denver

Nate and I will be representing Drupal side of Interactive Strategies by heading to Drupalcon Denver next week.
Drupalcon US is an annual rite of passage for the masses of Drupalers, the spring conference provides a wealth of resources to the attendees that can be hard to quantify. As the conference and Drupal have grown, it has introduced more diverse tracks and specialties, moving away from being strictly a developer conference while remaining highly technical.
So “why are we going to Drupalcon?”

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Nov 27, 2012

We Give Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have lots to be thankful for – family, friends, health and happiness. We are also grateful to come to work at IS each day – surrounded by amazing people and friendly clients, and immersed in exciting projects.
As an online agency we also have a unique opportunity to spend most of our time on the web, whether searching concepts, building experiences, finding inspiration or just for those times when we take a break and simply surf.
So on this Thanksgiving...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 27, 2012

Our Very Own Superstar

Sometimes we take a time out to give our peeps some props.
Today the recipient is Victor. When he's not designing his heart out at I.S., Victor and his friend/partner, Raul, are curating and capturing the very best in upcoming music for their blog, All Our Noise (AON). And their hard work is getting attention, this time in today's Washington Post Express where they are featured for their efforts, and for the AON relaunch.
Congratulations, Victor. Sounds like cupcakes are in order.

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