By Interactive Strategies
Apr 08, 2012

Keep it simple, FSG

Today (well yesterday) we launched the brand new Futures Strategy Group website - a project that combined strategy, design and branding, technology and marketing to help FSG stand out in a competitive industry. 

What does FSG do? In a nutshell, they help their clients to  anticipate change in order to gain competitive advantages. Specifically, "strategic scenario planning" is their business.

Sounds complex, right?

We work with lots of clients who work in tricky fields, so we were up to the challenge of tackling this new industry to help FSG reinvent itself. And as it turns out, simplicity was the key to this project. 

As always, our partnership started with a strategy. Through our process we realized that what FSG needed most was to translate their complex competencies into tangible services. We helped them boil down big concepts into simplified key messages. We found focus by identifying a handful of primary goals for the website. 

Next came brand. In order for FSG to solidify itself in the marketplace, rethinking the brand was key. With clean fonts and colors our logo establishes a fresh identity.  We then reinvtented one of FSG's past article series, "The Outlook," into the FSG Outlook, their new blog. We extended the FSG logo to the Outlook's logo, creating a nice brand family.  The site and blog bring it all together while unique photography and whitespace complete the visual design package.

When I said the key to this project was simplicity, I wasn't just referring to strategy and design. The technology had to be easy to use, too. So we installed a Drupal 7 CMS to power the new website and blog, ensurnig seamless website updates and a platform through which their ideas can flow. 

Of course we can't forget marketing. An organic SEO campaign rounds out our work with FSG. We conducted copious research around a myriad of terms and concepts to define keywords that would have value in this niche area. So perhaps keyword reasearch was not so simple (but putting them in the Drupal 7 CMS is!). 

We learn something new on every project. And our big "aha moment" from FSG is that even the most complicated or hard-to-explain subject matter can be distilled into an experience that makes sense for users, presents a strong brand message and has measurable long-term success. 


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