By Ryan McBurney
Dec 30, 2013

My Five Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014


Did you know that 2014 is the same amount of time away from 1980 that it is to 2048.

Weird to think about, right?

It’s not that 1980 feels like “yesterday,” it’s that 2048 seems so freakin’ far away.  I mean, come on. When I picture 2048, I see a futuristic world with no use for screens or monitors thanks to holograms, contacts and ear devices that control the way we interact with the world, robots being my only best friends… and, RG3 is President of the world United States.

Anyways, just a revelation that I saw while perusing around Reddit the other day that got me thinking.

With 2013 ending, it’s now time to look ahead to what 2014 may bring us in the world of digital marketing. There are many thoughts and predictions out there, but I wanted to give my own. That way, this time next year, I can either claim to be a genius or secretly edit this blog post and still claim to be a genius. It’s a win-win.

Here are my 2014 digital marketing predictions:

1. Facebook will Still Remain Supreme

Duh. I know this sounds obvious, but I feel like it needs to be said. With recent reports that the younger population isn’t using Facebook, people are freaking out – and in my opinion, freaking out for no reason. Facebook users are still rising and have just hit 1.15 Billion users - more than double the second biggest network, Twitter (500 mil).  Facebook is still the social media giant it's always been, and brands need to continue to treat it as such.

2. The Decline of Keyword Tracking and the Rise of Landing Pages

2013 marked the year that Google finally put a stop to all keyword tracking. By 2014, all keywords will now be tracked in Google Analytics as ‘Not Provided.”

Thanks, Google.

With the implementation of Google’s new search algorithm, Hummingbird, and this recent news, SEO’s have been forced to adapt.

In 2014, they will adapt by implementing more landing pages to track keywords, keyphrases, and topics. Landing pages, when set up with proper URL structures and page titles, will still give marketers a good inclination as to what their audiences are searching for and how well their search efforts are performing.

3. Search Marketing Will Be About Things, Not Strings

To piggy-back off my last prediction, semantic search will now dominate search results and will cause a rise in new online tools and tactics.

The main driver as to why Google updated its search algorithm? Mobile.

Mobile is clearly the future and people tend to be more conversational with their mobile searches.

Now that Google is drawing search insights from a variety of signals other than keywords – location, social connections, and previous searches – it’s important for marketers to build new search power through content variety focused on long-tail keywords and social media proliferation.

4. Blogs Move to the Forefront.

Gone are the days of blogs  buried in “About” sections or cluttered navigation menus on websites. With effective content being more important than ever before thanks to Google Hummingbird, blog content should assume prime real estate on homepages everywhere.

By promoting your blog content front and center, you improve the chances of it being shared, liked, retweeted, +1’d, etc. – all important actions needed to improve your site’s search power.

5. Micro Videos Will Be The Strongest Social Media Content

2013 was a big year for micro video apps. The emergence of Vine and Instagram’s video sharing feature caused a significant movement toward real-time video sharing. Specifically, videos that are short and focused. This trend will only get stronger in 2014 and, as a result, brands should look to participate. These videos will help get brand messages and brand stories across, and will greatly boost engagement.


Well, those are my predications. Is there a trend that you think I’ve missed? If so, let me know in the comment box below.

Happy New Year!

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