By Ryan McBurney
Feb 12, 2014

New Site Launch - MobileMDs

Simply put, MobileMDs can help bring the doctor to you - with good ole' fashioned house call doctors.

In an era of over-crowded waiting rooms, non-existent doctor/patient relationship and confusing scheduling, MobileMDs is trying to bring modern healthcare back to its roots; back to the age when the patient-doctor relationship actually meant something. Just as doctors did generations ago, MobileMDs is on a mission to provide medical attention and urgent care to needy patients in the comfort and convenience of their own home. 

It's a mission that we are all very excited about. 

To help them accomplish their goals of increasing awareness and increasing patients, we were hired to perform a full rebrand and full redesign of their old website. The redesign focused on simplifying the process of patients getting in touch with local doctors and clearly visualizing how MobileMDs works. The result was a beautiful one-page design with full responsiveness, built on the powerful Drupal CMS, that integrates video and offers them a hub for all of their online efforts. 



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