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By Interactive Strategies
Oct 13, 2015

Digital Summit

Interactive Strategies is sponsoring the Digital Summit!

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 12, 2015

A Tale of Two Click Rates

A guide to answering the eternal question, "Why don't my metrics reports match?"

By Ryan McBurney
Nov 07, 2014

Knee-Jerk Reactions To Facebook's News Feed Update

Facebook's new News Feed update will have major implications for social media marketing going into 2015. Here are some of my knee jerk reactions.

By Ryan McBurney
Dec 18, 2013

Facebook's New Donate Now Button for Nonprofits

Happy Holidays, nonprofits. Facebook has given you the best kind of holiday gift – a gift that keeps on giving. 
Wrapped in a nice little metaphorical bow, Facebook unveiled a “Donate Now” button yesterday for nonprofit Facebook fan pages.
Meant to make it easier for nonprofits to take contributions via their fan page and Facebook postings, the button will now allow organizations to accept donations in a pop-up window within the Facebook experience. Users can enter in their billing...

By Ryan McBurney
Dec 09, 2013

Digital News You Need to Know: Google Launches +Post Ads

Yep, still on my Google+ kick.
The more I use it and engage, the more I love it. My apologies that I’m not particularly apologetic. (I’m currently boycotting the term “sorry I’m not sorry” – long story).
I’m especially excited about Google+ today because I’ve just come across some really cool news – the launch of Google’s +Post Ads.
+Post ads allow brands to take a piece of their public Google+ content and turn it into a display ad that runs across the Google Display Network.
I’m pretty pumped....

By Ryan McBurney
Nov 21, 2013

One Yellow Button May Negatively Affect Your Paid Search Advertising

The day has finally come for Google. Some predicted it. Some did not. Regardless, it’s here.
The European Commission’s competition group has cuffed Europe Google over the issue that the search engine does not clearly mark their PPC ads well enough.  They claim that many of Google’s paid search links look too similar to Google’s organic search links. 
This has spurred Google to recently roll out bright yellow “ad” icons (see below) to various countries and certain mobile search experiences,...

By Mark Davenport
Jan 15, 2013

Inauguration of a New Era (in Mobile)

Biking to work along the National Mall, I get the opportunity in the mornings to appreciate a landscape of sculptures, beautiful architecture and century-old trees. This week, a new part of the scenery struck me—temporary cell towers. They've sprung up on every block—sometimes more than one—in anticipation of 500,000+ people attending the inauguration on January 21st.

While we see statistics every day about the amazing growth of mobile (Cory put some usage stats, as well...

By Interactive Strategies
Nov 19, 2012

Put Mobile first

Lately we have been thinking a lot about mobile.
In her recent presentation “Uncle Sam Wants You (To Optimize Your Content for Mobile)”at An Event Apart, Karen McGrane, Founder of Bond Art & Science, enlightened us with statistics that leave no room for doubt – mobile can no longer be a secondary offering. Mobile should be top of mind for all of us who build web experiences.
For example, she mentioned that 20% of all Americans have no Internet access at all, and 35% have no...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 16, 2012

Politics of the Internet

Early Internet adopters took advantage of the vast, unexplored network for communications, collaboration and massive amounts of innovation. With unabashed determination and curiosity, they latched on to the Internet frontier and their creativity exploded into a technological frenzy. Today we all reap the benefits.
Almost everyone in the world uses the Internet on a daily basis – to surf the web, pay bills, catch up on lost episodes and catch up with their friends. These activities have become...

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