By Interactive Strategies
Jul 24, 2014

Promoting Creativity in the Workplace; What Apple, Amazon, and Google got right.

Working here at Interactive Strategies, one is surrounded by a group of amazingly talented people who are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality products and experiences to our clients. But, despite our determination and vigor, most of us are not the hard-faced, profit-minded corporate drones that you might see running a larger design/marketing firm. We are goofy, loud, and vibrant people who appreciate a good joke in a long running meeting. We have intense nerf battles in the middle of the day, we experiment with different social media platforms (keep your eyes peeled for a possible IS vine feed), and we bond as a unit outside of the workplace.

So what? You might ask. Does it matter if people have fun at work? We are here to achieve one, or two things, really: monetary and career success. So who cares about the extra stuff? Isn’t creating a flexible, fun, and creative work space just a waste of time and money?

I, and most of my colleagues, would argue the opposite; promoting a formula that engages employees and makes the workplace enjoyable is no joke. Fortune 500 hundred companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple have already started implementing such practices in their offices (take, for example, Google's "Campus").

The logic goes as follows: the best companies need to be comprised of the best people. To get the best people, you need to offer the best things. Salary is just one component of what draws people to a company; after all, (the proverbial) “you” spends as much, or more, time at the office than you do at home. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy that time as much as possible?

Therefore, promoting fun, creativity, and comfort in the office results in a more efficient and cohesive workforce; how about them apples?

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