By Interactive Strategies
Aug 09, 2013

SEO Tips - Forgotten Tactics to Increase Clicks

I find it interesting that most SEO pros focus on tactics geared towards better rankings… to then turn around and say they don’t use rankings as a success metric.

What’s up with that?

I’m not really sure, but how about we look at a couple tactics that are meant to increase chances of a CLICK rather than ranking improvement. Tactics that both increase relevance and help get the user down the conversion funnel.

The Meta Description Tag

An oldie but a goodie. If you have spent any time optimizing a PPC campaign, you know how crucial those description words can be. Yes, using your keyword in the description is good form, but more important is writing descriptions that get to the heart of what your target audience is looking for in your content. Consider the meta description your page’s elevator pitch.

Open Graph Meta Tags

These meta tags help to set up your Facebook snippets so that they are optimized and engaging. The better these snippets look, the more people will consume and share the content. But hey, you already knew that. For info on how to set this up, I recommend you watch Dana Lookadoo’s White Board Friday on her Structured Social Sharing Formula.

FTW! Okay, before you run for the hills screaming “I’M NOT A PROGRAMMERRRRR ARGGHHHH!” Please hear me out. This little gem is something that is going to transform your SERP presence. Seriously, it is a game changer. If there is any single update you can make to a site that will increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your listing instead of the chump listed along side you, this is it. Here’s a little bit on how to get started.

Are they rocket science? Nope. Will they help you increase the aesthetics of your content on result pages thus increasing clicks? Yup.

Just remember, SEO isn’t just about getting content to rank… its about getting an audience to respond to the content that shows u

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