By Interactive Strategies
Mar 19, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol. 8

After a bit of a hiatus over the busy holiday months, Sites of Note has returned!  As always, we've handpicked a handful of sites worth persusing for some much deserved web-inspiration.   This time around we've found a site that might even improve your web workflow. First up:


1.)  If That Then This —
IFTTT is a tool that lets you compile a set of batch processes or actions that will initiate when something happens on the web involving you.  One example (or "Recipe" as they're called on the site): say a friend tags you in a photo on Facebook.  You can create an action that will grab that photo from Facebook and save it to your Dropbox account, without you having to do anything manually.  Just wire up the actions, save it to your "Tasks" list, and you're good to go. This is a cool idea that definitely has room for growth and invites plenty of experimentation.


2.) New Zealand International Arts Festival —
While event-based websites can often be confusing in their information heirarchy, or overwrought in their graphic treatment, this site for the New Zealand International Arts Festival is easily navigable and features an intutive UI.  Lots of great bells and whistles implemented here and there (seamless page loading via ajax, subtle animated rollovers and a lively, engaging color palette.)


3.) Deux Huit Huit —
Slick portfolio for web and print-based design agency Deux Huit Huit, based out of Montreál.  Incredibly stylish work and a fluid, enjoyable website experience to match.  It's unfortunate the site isn't mobile-friendly, though.


4.) Reserved —
As far as the standard model for online retail and shopping websites go, innovation is often few and far between.  On the other hand, the avant-garde is frequently triumphed in the fashion industry, and apparel brand Reserved does a great job of making the shopping experience more immersive and elevating their wares to a more conceptual, artistic status.  Interactive video lookbooks, speedy progressive product loading, language options and a favorites feature all contribute to a more pleasurable user experience— and increase the chances you'll drop some cash on their clothes.  Well-done all around.


5.) CSS3 vs. Mac OSX Lion —
As an exercise in testing the technical limits of CSS3 (and some Javascript), web designer / developer Alessio Atzeni built a virtually pixel-perfect replica of the Mac OSX Lion login screen and desktop (complete with Finder window and Dock), completely recreated in CSS.  Quite the feat!  He gets an A for effort in our book.

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