By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

Sites of Note - Vol 9

It's time once again to take a gander at some lovely websites that have surprised, delighted and entertained us over the past few days.


Based in Chicago and San Francisco, digital agency Weightshift recently unveiled a terrific redesign of their site.  While the previous version was certainly nothing to scoff at, the site's newest incarnation is bright, shiny and refreshingly austere.  Really admire the candid tone of their Memo section, and lots of great work to boot.

Hard Graft

As far as e-commerce / interactive retail experiences go, Hard Graft's online storefront for handsome, handmade accessories achieves a lot in the design department. Apart from looks, the navigation structure and UI are front and center and well conceived, yet unobtrusive enough to let the merchandise be the star.  Multiple contextual view modes provide additional browsing functionality and straightforward product photography helps convey a sense of heritage, elegance, and refined luxury for the Hard Graft brand.  Sweet job all around.  Plus how great would your new iPad HD look in that Tilt case?

Frank Chimero

I must confess that amidst my vast canon of "design heroes" out there, Frank Chimero holds particularly high rank.  Having stumbled upon his contributions to several years ago, I've since been continually impressed by his wit, candor and decidedly humanistic approach towards design and the creative process.  His slick new website demonstrates this effortlessly. The homepage, a parallax-scrolling, illustrated manifesto of sorts, is akin to being in dialog with Mr. Chimero himself.  And while he's approached his portfolio as a rather humorous list of fascinations for now, Chimero offers some terrifically insightful writing and reading recommendations to get us thinking about what we see, what we think, and how it all connects.

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