By Interactive Strategies
Jul 12, 2011

Stop the Presses! The Blade Is Back.

For over four decades the Washington Blade was an institution in the world of gay news. But when the Blade approached us, their lean-but-dedicated team had just rescued the publication from bankruptcy.  It seemed like a mission impossible, but with sacrifices, all-nighters and occasionally working from the comfort of a yoga ball (no joke!), they kept operations afloat and never missed a publication cycle.

Needless to say, their passion inspired us.

With that same spirit of teamwork we worked with the Blade to re-launch the website. But with all good projects, there was a hitch (or two): They were also redesigning the print version of the paper and were in the midst of a corporate rebrand.

Some intense coordination was in order.
Our challenge was to ensure our design extended new brand guidelines, and our IA and UX reflected the paper’s editorial priorities. Our goal was to drive traffic and encourage user interactivity with Facebook Connect, email signups and article comments.  Ultimately we worked with the Blade to reintroduce the publication to readers with a consistent experience from print to web.

We are pleased with the results. 
When the new Washington Blade website launched in April, we were proud to have helped reaffirm it as "the New York Times of LGBT news" -- and with some fantastic stats, too:

  • 43.6% increase in pageviews
  • 42.9% increase in average pageviews
  • 15% decrease in the bounce rate

See, teamwork really does pay off.
Check it out: Washington Blade website.

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