By Interactive Strategies
Jul 12, 2011

The Power of Chemistry

Bruce, Dean and I just had a great meeting  with one of our favorite clients, ACS Publications. We walked out of it energized by the prospect of working on a project where we can lend creativity and ingenuity to some pretty significant challenges. But that’s not the only reason we were so eager. We’re really stoked to work with ACS again, too.

Our relationship with ACS Pubs started five years ago when they hired us to create the user interface and visual design for ACS Nanotation, an interactive space for the Nano Science community. Together we tested the waters of social networking for scientific researchers with features like wikis, article comments and ratings (Nano Picks).  

The next project came about a year later when ACS asked us to create a prototype design for its journals -- quite an honor considering ACS journals are among the world’s most cited, read and respected scientific publications. The result was ACS Nano.  

ACS Nano was a hit. How do we know? A few months later ACS engaged us to develop the UX and visual design for the entire ACS Publications website, a massive undertaking that touched the website proper, 35+ unique journals, user profiles, a librarian portal and an author portal. So we rolled up our sleeves.

Our year+ endeavor on the ACS Pubs redesign started with heavy collaboration (and some yummy ACS-catered lunches). Over many sessions with ACS and a third-party platform developer, we brainstormed, white boarded, wireframed and redefined how to deliver scientific scholarly content online. Most importantly, we got to know the people at ACS whose incredible insights, web savvy and perpetual friendliness helped our relationship grow from client/vendor to strategic partners.

After months of wireframe and design reviews, last-minute tweaks and the occasional happy hour, in 2008 the new ACS Publications website  went live. And it did not disappoint. That year it won the prestigious PROSE award for "eProduct/Best Website or Platform" from the Association of American Publishers, a highly respected organization in the scholarly scientific publishing community.

Since the launch of ACS Pubs we have worked together to implement the UX and visual designs for the ACS Pubs website demo, and ACS Books and Video sub-sites, and have provided ongoing recommendations on how to improve their web experiences.

We value our relationship with ACS. Our long history allows us to quickly understand and respond to their project needs, and has resulted in shared goals and vision. And because we know each other, mutually respect our perspectives and work so well together, our projects run efficiently, on time and on budget -- and are completely enjoyable.

And now we embark on an opportunity to partner up again. I have no doubt that we are all looking forward to it.

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