By Kye Tiernan
Jun 16, 2011

There You Go Again, Joe.

One of the  great things about working in the heart of Washington D.C. is that its a veritable who's who of political figures. Because we're perched right above Connecticut Avenue, Interactive Strategies has a brush with fame every day in the form of Joe Biden. We have the good fortune (or not) of being on the Vice President's motorcade route to and from the White House.

How do we know it's him? 
Well, first you have to know your motorcades. Small timers get a few cop cars, and a limo or two. When it's a big fish like Joe, you get preliminary motorcycle cops who speed ahead to stop traffic and wave  pedestrians off of the street.  Then after a few blips and beeps sound off, the cavalcade begins. Joe arrives with half a dozen (extremely loud) cop cars, two limos and a handful of SUVs (with guys pointing rather large rifles out the windows). If you look carefully you can usually spot the VP in one of the limos. 

And then you can say, in your best Sarah Palin, "there you go again, Joe."

Moral of the story?
Next time you're on a conference call with us and are distracted or otherwise annoyed by roaring sirens, blame it on the Bidenator

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