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By Interactive Strategies
May 14, 2015

Schoolhouse Rock. Web Edition.

By now you've probably realized that I'm a grammar nerd. But here's something you don't know: as a copywriter and content strategist, my job often entails forgetting about grammar. It sounds strange, I know. How can a writer not keep grammar top-of-mind?

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 13, 2015

6 Facebook Fouls You Love to Hate

When it comes to company Facebook pages, it takes more than chocolates and roses to win fans’ hearts. Fans want wit, they want humor, they want entertainment – and they’re ready to “unlike” a page as soon as they feel spammed or annoyed.

By Interactive Strategies
Dec 02, 2014

The Eisenhower Priority Matrix

It is my firm belief that the top skill a good project manager must have is the ability to prioritize tasks, not just for themselves, but sometimes for those who report to them or rely upon them for accurate, intelligent scheduling and decision making. It’s not easy. Reacting to every email that hits your inbox in order of receipt is not only often impossible, but usually a very bad idea. A skilled PM must figure out what makes sense to do first and quickest, and so on down the line, until everything is done and accounted for, or at least scheduled and tracked to ensure it happens in the future.

By Leslee Russell
Nov 11, 2014

Puppy Rescues Infant from Attacking Alligators

Headlines are nothing new, but the impact of headlines has grown exponentially. You know the headlines I’m talking about. Everyone wants to know what kind of fart they are (I did not make this up, go find out for yourself. I got Loud and Proud!). But what are the keys to success in writing a good headline?

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 09, 2013

SEO Tips - Forgotten Tactics to Increase Clicks

I find it interesting that most SEO pros focus on tactics geared towards better rankings… to then turn around and say they don’t use rankings as a success metric.
What’s up with that?
I’m not really sure, but how about we look at a couple tactics that are meant to increase chances of a CLICK rather than ranking improvement. Tactics that both increase relevance and help get the user down the conversion funnel.
The Meta Description Tag
An oldie but a goodie. If you have spent any time optimizing...

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