By Interactive Strategies
Jun 30, 2014

Top 6 Apps to Help You Conquer Instagram

 Whether you're looking to expand your social media presence, or to just sharpen up an Instagram profile, knowing the ways to to enhance your image on this burgoening app is crucial to staying relevant online. 

This time, we are going after an extremely popular app that sold for one billion dollars, despite its lack of generating any material thing. That app, of course, is Instagram, which was sold to Facebook back in 2012 for a cool billion, and is now one of the fastest growing social media apps to date.

If you are really oblivious as to what Instagram means, or does, let me explain. 

Instagram, in its simplest form, is a forum for people, or brands, to post pictures. You have a profile, made up of all the photos you have posted, along with a feed to see what people are posting live. It is essentially like combining twitter and Facebook (you can like and comment on posts) and it is catching on.

People are obsessed with their image, and how they present themselves on Instagram is an integral part of said image. But it is not only individuals that are beginning to utilize the app.

From clothing, design, and art to local bussinesses, companies are beginning to build their Instagram profiles like never before. 

Therefore, editing and modifying pictures is critical for brand control. Tools like light and tone filters are already installed on the app; but, for some, those options are not enough. Some simply want total control of the pictures they post, and depending on how dedicated you are to Instagram, you might seek outside help. Well, luckily for you, Interactive Strategies did some research to find the top 6 Instagram related apps, just for you to round out your summer ‘grams!

1. Squareready is an app that solves the imminent question: how do I avoid cropping an Instagram with a photo I took with the camera on my phone?  With this free app, you are now liberated from awful crop jobs or missed photos due to connection issues with Instagram. Feel free to take those full-length bathroom, Taj Mahal, or Empire State Buildng selfies without worry. It is great for architechture and nature shots as well.

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2. Regram is an app that allows the user to repost Instagrams quickly and easily, allowing for a greater share saturation of a particlar image.

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3. Aviary is an app that has similar properties to the editing features that Instagram offers, but it goes the extra mile. With 16 editing and enhancing tools, its simple interface, and compatibility with other photo-sharing interfaces, Aviary is the app to get!

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4. Over is an app that is a bit self-explanatory. It allows the user to superimpose text over their pictures, which can add information to the photo, leaving tons of room for creative advertising opportunities.

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5. Tiny Planet Photo Apps allows the user to turn a normal photo into a contorted, 360-degree version of said photo, resulting in something that resembles a tiny planet. This app is perfect for a more whimsical view of a run-of-the-mill picture, guaranteed to grab you some likes!

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6. Facetune is a wonderful app that allows the user to edit pesky facial blights that may make your next selfie less than beautiful. Facetune is there for you, allowing you to brighten your smile, erase red-eye and blemishes, and reshape your face. Sounds great for the next time you take the perfect shot, but need to tweak some facial features to make it Insta worthy.

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Well, hopefully, with these Insta’ tips, you’ll be able to focus your social media profile to maximize likes. Happy summer!


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