By Interactive Strategies
May 20, 2013

Totem Launches At DrupalCon

When an organization comes together, it builds something special.

This is the motto for our newly released Drupal project, Totem – an open source community software platform.  Unlike other platforms, social media sites and Drupal projects built because someone wanted a cool feature set for their site, Totem was born out of a belief that as a collaborative community, organizations can indeed, empower ideas and accomplish amazing things.

We believe that many organizations have the power to connect people, but few have the technology to do so. This is where Totem can come into play. Totem allows an organization to harness the power of collaboration by creating micro-communities of users with similar interests within a larger eco-system. By using Totem, these communities are able to come together and collaborate with one another to assist, achieve tasks, and build something that was otherwise thought to be impossible. This is the power of Totem, accomplishing goals as a community.

Totem is a project that we are very proud of. Our developers and strategists spent time to not only build the site, but also develop the core features and components that organizations need when utilizing an open-sourced community software platform. Within Totem, a user can use many of the features you would come to expect a modern social technology to include. Features such as global and community based resources, activity feeds, media galleries, real-time update notifications, commenting capabilities on all site content and even instant messaging make for a smooth and effective technology platform for organizations.

To learn more about Totem, please visit the Drupal project page...or take it for a test drive right now. We'd love to hear your feedback!


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