By Interactive Strategies
Nov 27, 2012

We Give Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have lots to be thankful for – family, friends, health and happiness. We are also grateful to come to work at IS each day – surrounded by amazing people and friendly clients, and immersed in exciting projects.

As an online agency we also have a unique opportunity to spend most of our time on the web, whether searching concepts, building experiences, finding inspiration or just for those times when we take a break and simply surf.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve we decided to tell you the websites to which each of us owes gratitude. Some industry focused, some informative, some entertaining and even a couple to make your holiday shopping a little easier.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tory - - I find it attractively designed and user-friendly (notably the inline editing of transaction details) and highly useful in managing personal finances.
  • Paul M - DocHub - A pretty sweet site for consolidated documentation.
  • Jacob - Search Engine Watch - It's clean, grid-based design with category-centric navigation, and color cues speed up the time it takes me to keep up with the latest search marketing changes.
  • Dean – HBO Go - Game of Thrones. On the train. Because I am a big geek.
  • Bruce – Bfads - People looking for great black Friday deals can check out bfads.
  • Max - Pingdom – A great, easy snapsot that tells you if a site is loading and performing.
  • Paul B - Google News- It’s something I rely on several times a day to keep me up to date on whats happening around the world.
  • Corey - Google - It's the doorway to the Web.
  • Mark - Beta Brand – A perfect marriage of quirky copy, inventive design and playful interaction, echoing the spirit of the products themselves.
  • Victor - The Great Discontent - Online magazine with interviews of artists and designers working in the web. Pretty inspiring.
  • Chris - Stack Overflow - Don’t know what I’d do without it.
  • Levi – Alltop – Amazing amount of content in a well-organized fashion allowing for quick browsing and easy content digestion in a hurry.
  • Nate – it’s a secret IS project - Conceptually, I really think this site is positioned to be the next big thing.
  • Kye - UX Magazine - One of my fave industry magazines.
  • Me - Sephora - Call me old fashioned, but being a lady I love makeup. And shopping. Plus Sephora makes finding my favorite products easy. Give it a try this holiday season... plenty of goodies for guys and gals. 

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