By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

Web Design: Breaking the Mold

As we begin a new year sure to be filled with exciting and novel advancements in the field of web design, it’s always worthwhile to take a step back and assess where we are as an industry and how far we’ve come. Of course, the passage of another year in many ways can be pretty arbitrary.  Creative and technological trends are cumulative at best and rarely obey any absolute strictures of time or align themselves in neat chronological increments.

With particular focus on visual design and front-end development however, there are certainly a few websites from the past few months that have embraced an increasingly evolved sense of what’s possible.  Drawing on strong foundations of visual design – shape, color, typography, information hierarchy– combined with fresh approaches in CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript / Ajax, these websites have managed to offer users a taste of interactive design that breaks tradition with what we’re accustomed to seeing in recent years.

Moving away from fixed grids and rigid layouts, these websites offer a much more playful and fluid UI than their static brethren of even 2 or 3 years ago.  A good number of sites also continue to challenge the apparent boundaries of objected-oriented programming for the web, returning to the level of freedom we ostensibly enjoyed in the heyday of Actionscript and embedded .swfs (though thankfully much less gratuitous).

Below, take a look at three of our favorite examples that are breaking the mold in terms of aesthetics, structure and interaction.  And let’s hope the coming months keep the momentum going!

Form Follows Function

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Consumer Barometer

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Kickstarter's Best of 2012

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