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By Ryan McBurney
Jan 10, 2014

Thank GIF It's Friday - 1.10

We're pumped for the new year here at IS.
A new office, a variety of upcoming projects, and new opportunities for growth all make for a promising 2014. Thinking about everything as I write this almost makes me want to get out of my seat and start dancing. Almost... but I'll refrain for now. 
Regardless, if you plan on doing any dancing this weekend, take if from me - do NOT do any of these moves. 

But... if you can as awesome as this kid (and his dolphin-sculpted...

By Ryan McBurney
Dec 20, 2013

Thank GIF It's Friday

Ahhhhh, the Friday before Christmas. It feels good. Everbody's in good spirits, presents are being exchanged, and I just received an email from Paul B. that there's toffees and candy in the kitchen. #winning 
To celebrate, I thought it'd be cool to walk you through a standard Christmas day for me by way of twelve reaction gifs.
1. Christmas eve dinner was delicious. Time to clean the dishes...

2. The night before Christmas... I'm ready. 

3. The second I wake up on Christmas morning...


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