By Bruce Namerow
Jul 20, 2011

What Our Own Redesign Reminded Us

In the web industry it’s a widely accepted fact that redesigning your own website is a difficult task, so difficult that many agencies simply outsource. We faced that reality after many failed attempts to get our own redesign off the ground. That’s when a simple thought dawned on us: why weren’t we treating our website like any other client project? That was the aha moment we needed.

So during the Winter holidays while our clients were off on vacation, we convened a kick-off meeting to discuss our website. We conducted a competitive analysis of sites we liked.  We dug deep into our Google Analytics. We studied our audience needs. We then did some intensive brainstorming, which resulted in a final Strategy Document that was presented to the larger team for input and approval. Finally, things were kicking into high gear.

This doesn’t mean we didn’t hit some bumps along the way. During the design process, we discovered that we had a few too many cooks in the kitchen and had to appoint a final decision maker. We struggled with schedule delays that were resolved when we created a detailed project plan – and committed to it. We fought scope creep until we pushed new ideas into a future phase. But all these challenges were all too familiar because they are exactly the same things our clients during each project.

We’re proud of the results and even more proud that we made it through the process where so many others fail. It’s reminded us of why our process is so important to each project’s success. Even better, it’s given us a newfound appreciation for the challenges our clients face and hopefully made each of us better client advocates.

So taking another page from our standard process, it's on to Phase 2…

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