By Interactive Strategies
Jan 18, 2013

Why we are going to Drupalcon Denver

Nate and I will be representing Drupal side of Interactive Strategies by heading to Drupalcon Denver next week.

Drupalcon US is an annual rite of passage for the masses of Drupalers, the spring conference provides a wealth of resources to the attendees that can be hard to quantify. As the conference and Drupal have grown, it has introduced more diverse tracks and specialties, moving away from being strictly a developer conference while remaining highly technical.

So “why are we going to Drupalcon?”

In order of imporance to me are Community, Education, Enlightenment, Networking and Beer.

Community: Drupal is all about community, without community Drupal would be a pet project of a lone Belgian programmer. The Drupalcon community showcases the best of everything, sessions, core conversations, BoF’s, and speakers. In a week I can encounter any of the roughly 3,000 attendees and soak it all in.

Education: This ties directly to community, the wealth of knowledge presented could not be captured elsewhere. Organizations come to share knowledge and experiences. Spend an hour in a room and come out knowing how to prototype an entire Drupal site in CSS. Sit down and learn how agencies operate by having 2 potentially competing firms open up and share operational details.

Enlightenment: Again the community is key here. Open is more than a catch phrase, everyone is sharing experiences, lessons learned and pitching in to contribute. Have a question? Start or attend a bof, grab a conf room, couch or corner and just get going. Startling, but amazing to see assumed outsiders such as Microsoft and IBM with a presence and expertise with Drupal.

Networking: Networking is hokey and gets groans when you mention it, but without networks where would we be? For me networking at Drupalcon is about putting faces to names and usernames. An in person meetup with that guy from twitter who answered my question about how to make Feeds work for my current issue. Reconnecting with old friends, friends of friends and more.

Beer: After-hours Drupalcon comes alive and has an entirely different angle. Parties, gatherings and more. Grab a beer and let your guard down, get to know the community and grow personally and maybe even professionally. Denver is a beer city, Drupalcon being in Denver is a perfect fit. I don’t know landmarks in Denver, but I know breweries I want to explore.

Throughout next week I will be posting additional “Dispatches from Drupalcon Denver” I encourage you to come back and see what is happening.

Are you going to Drupalcon Denver? If so find us: Twitter - Brad @bjmac and Nate @natemow

DrupalCon Denver 2012 - We're Going!

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