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Nov 01, 2012


Day two of DrupalCon Denver kicked off with a keynote presentation from Mitchell Baker of the Mozilla Foundation. The prentation was insightful and dug into what Mozilla is all about. Most people think Mozilla is synominous with Firefox, but the organization goes beyond just products. Highlights included a detailed look at the web building blocks Mozilla is building and supporting to make the community better: HTML/CSS/js, Mobile, Video, Identity, Social, Open web apps, Webmakers.
One of the...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 12, 2012

Congrats to the EU - Winner of 2012 Nobel Prize

Today I'm reminded of the thing I love best about working here at IS - our partnerships with companies and organizations that make a difference in the world. Today we learned that the Euorpean Union won the 2012 Nobel Prize "for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe."
We are so proud to have partnered with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States this year on their social media strategy....

By Interactive Strategies
Jun 05, 2012

The Integrated Approach to Strategy

I have a theory that winning businesses have a strong business strategy. But more than that, I believe the best businesses re-evaluate their business strategy to stay fresh and relevant. We need to look no further than the smashing success of Apple, Netflix and Amazon; or on the other end of the spectrum, to companies like Kodak, Blockbuster and Borders, to see how strategy drives some companies to great heights while others quite simply fail. Even startups pivot their way to success. And though...

By Mark Davenport
May 21, 2012

Mobile Strategy - Put Information in its Place

Visiting my 91-year-old grandmother at her retirement home recently, we began talking about the olden days, one of the more reliable topics for her declining memory. She had only ten minutes prior been unable to remember whether she had taken her afternoon pills. And now she was forthrightly describing being lifted by an uncle to peer into the casket at her grandfather's funeral, 89 years ago.

I asked her uncle's name. And then her grandfather's. I knew our family had this information...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 27, 2012

Our Very Own Superstar

Sometimes we take a time out to give our peeps some props.
Today the recipient is Victor. When he's not designing his heart out at I.S., Victor and his friend/partner, Raul, are curating and capturing the very best in upcoming music for their blog, All Our Noise (AON). And their hard work is getting attention, this time in today's Washington Post Express where they are featured for their efforts, and for the AON relaunch.
Congratulations, Victor. Sounds like cupcakes are in order.

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 08, 2012

Keep it simple, FSG

Today (well yesterday) we launched the brand new Futures Strategy Group website - a project that combined strategy, design and branding, technology and marketing to help FSG stand out in a competitive industry. 
What does FSG do? In a nutshell, they help their clients to  anticipate change in order to gain competitive advantages. Specifically, "strategic scenario planning" is their business.
Sounds complex, right?
We work with lots of clients who work in tricky fields,...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 30, 2012

The 'C' in CMS

Recently, Cory Jurentkuff, our 'Director Of Content Strategy & Communications' and, thus, all things writerly emailed us all a very interesting blog post by Sara Wachter-Boettcher.  I must say, it’s enlivening to work in a culture where such thoughtful and thought provoking content is spread so easily and purposefully, because, as a programmer and CMS advocate, this article really got the juices flowing.
I’ve decided to share some thoughts in a two part essay regarding...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 19, 2012

CMS Solutions and I.S.: Part One

As any web agency knows, a CMS development platform is integral to delivering solid, flexible and cost-effective data-driven solutions to its customers.  It doesn’t matter if the project is the simplest of brochure sites designed to be seen by thousands, a corporate brand presence meant to be seen by millions or a web application service to be used by (hopefully) an ever-expanding list of sign-up users.  And any web agency that has been in business as long as Interactive Strategies,...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 19, 2012

CMS Solutions and I.S.: Part Two

In the first of this two part essay on CMS platforms and our agency, I explored our history, which encapsulates the experiences many web agencies have had in the past decade.    In this installment, I will lay out the present landscape of open source CMS platforms and a very valuable proprietary platform, and our consolidation around three systems we feel very confident about for the future. 
Let me start this installment by saying that our experience has been mirrored a multitude...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 19, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol. 8

After a bit of a hiatus over the busy holiday months, Sites of Note has returned!  As always, we've handpicked a handful of sites worth persusing for some much deserved web-inspiration.   This time around we've found a site that might even improve your web workflow. First up:

1.)  If That Then This —
IFTTT is a tool that lets you compile a set of batch processes or actions that will initiate when something happens on the web involving you. ...

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