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By Interactive Strategies
Mar 16, 2012

Politics of the Internet

Early Internet adopters took advantage of the vast, unexplored network for communications, collaboration and massive amounts of innovation. With unabashed determination and curiosity, they latched on to the Internet frontier and their creativity exploded into a technological frenzy. Today we all reap the benefits.
Almost everyone in the world uses the Internet on a daily basis – to surf the web, pay bills, catch up on lost episodes and catch up with their friends. These activities have become...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 09, 2012

Can you feel the love?

I.S. is a great place to work. We tell you this all the time. So we thought, "why not hear it from the peeps' mouths instead?" See what gets them out the door and keeps them happily productive every Monday through Friday. (Our cupcake parties? They're a given.)
Why Do We Like I.S.?
Vanessa: We have a great work environment where everyone is always willing to help. I also like that every client is unique, has different needs and come from a variety of industries. It presents a...

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 17, 2012

How to Reboot Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email is most definitely not dead. With nearly a billion new email addresses being created in the next few years , even more people are using it for both personal and commercial communication. There will be more email accounts in 2014 than either social networking or instant messaging accounts, despite growth in both.
That means for at least two more years, your target audience is likely using email for everyday communications. In fact, email continues to be the medium by which nearly three-quarters...

By Dean Burney
Feb 13, 2012

Pinterest - Get Back to Exploring

As a user interface guy, I am fascinated by the phenomenon of Pinterest. 
For those of you who haven’t heard, Pinterest is a social website and app that allows you to easily share "webfinds" in a sleek, simple, visual presentation.  And according to comScore, since officially launching in May 2011, the site has already accumulated 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors and reached 10 million faster than any other standalone site ever.
So what’s Pinterest...

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 10, 2012

Let Me Give You My Card

Our new business cards arrived today! (Designed by Corey.)

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 08, 2012

Artwork by I.S.

Recently Bruce challenged us to come up with ideas for new office artwork. In fact, we even had a meeting titled "Office Art."
It was serious.
After exploring the work of some fine artists, we took a step back. We realized that we are surrounded by some of the finest artists around, our very own design team. So we decided to incorporate some of their work into our plan, while picking a decor that screams "I.S." and all that we stand for.  The result just arrived today...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol.7: Austin Beerworks

It's often been said that Texas is not to be messed with.  If the website for Austin-based brewery Austin Beerworks is any indication, Texans sure know how to wrangle up a quality brewski, and a great website to match.

As a self-professed lover of all things typographical on the web, I'm immediately drawn to the the large decorative lettering used as display type on the homepage. While this particular example is not the result of some CSS @font-face wizardry (they're all images),...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2012

Sites of Note - Vol.6: You're Just My Type

Modern developments in CSS and Javascript have made gorgeous web typography increasingly de rigeur.  While home-brewed @font-face declarations in addition to services such as TypeKit and WebType have gained plenty of traction, there is certainly something to be said for the more austere, inventive or unusual implementations of typography that reach beyond the basic technical parameters.  Here are seven (lucky you!) sites that are noteworthy for doing something unique while maintaining a...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 26, 2012

Are ranking reports no longer as useful as we once thought?

Remember the good old days? When simple ranking software could be used to see an accurate representation of a site’s positioning for any given keyword?  We relied on these reports to tell us with certainty whether a site ranked or not (or not as well as it could) for high-priority focus areas.
But now, with the help of Google’s personalized search and the recent incorporation of Google Plus in the search engine results page (SERP), what I may see in the Google search results for...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 24, 2012

A Striking Success

Last week millions of Americans participated in or witnessed the biggest digital protest the world has ever seen. Big and little names alike bound together to fight against the PIPA and SOPA acts – two proposed bills that could have unleashed a level of censorship on the Internet that many thought to be unacceptable (and a few believed to be unconstitutional).
I’m willing to bet almost every American witnessed some part of the strike, either through media coverage, or seeing the strike...

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