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By Dean Burney
Jan 20, 2012

Are You Rob Base?

A little IA-inspired humor for you on a Friday.

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 19, 2012

Why We Participated in the Blackout of 2012

Yesterday hundreds of websites, including Interactive Strategies (we blacked out our website for the day), joined the protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 (PROTECT IP/PIPA). The protest, which was spearheaded by industry giants such as Google, Wikipedia and Reddit, called for websites to notify users that their freedom is at risk.
Supporting the protest did not mean that all...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 05, 2012

A New Year, A Message of Good Cheer

We recently sent a holiday greeting to our clients, associates and friends, wishing them the best in the coming year. Then it occurred to us? Why not extend this important message far and wide? We have a feeling that 2012 will bring many exciting projects, partnerships and opportunities to engage with the web community and beyond. We can’t wait to see what’s in store, and we wish everyone much happiness, health and good fortune this year.   
Happy New Year from the Peeps at...

By Bruce Namerow
Nov 18, 2011

Can Google PPC Boost Your SEO?

It's the number one question of our client who are considering a PPC program with Google Adwords, "If I'm already ranking well in the organic listings, why should I pay for ads on Google?"
I usually offer up a few reasons including:

Like any marketing, you want to make as many impressions as possible. Therefore, having two listings on the page (one organic and the other paid) increases the number of impressions you make. It's often the second or third impression that...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 26, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - And the Winner Is...

Following the culmination of Octobërgerfest day 5, we tallied the numbers and counted every vote.
After a very close, very heated contest, one burger joint has emerged victorious.  Despite our subjective experiences and personal preferences, the numbers don't lie.  Without further adieu, the winner of the 1st Annual Octobërgerfest is...

Bobby's Burger Palace!
For those interested in the hard data, here's how the stats break down.
Day 1
Black and...

By Dean Burney
Oct 24, 2011

Searching for a Better Search? Part Two.

In part one of this three-part post about site search usability and best practices, I covered the homepage search box.  Today I will cover search results display.
When it comes to displaying your search results there are a number of decisions to make including, sorting, categorization, pagination, and previews – the goal is to make the results relevant, scannable, and enticing.
There are few different ways to sort search results, including alphabetical, by date added, or popularity. ...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 22, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - Burger Diaries Day 5

For the 5th and final installment of Octobërgerfest, we decided we'd go big or go home.  Bobby's Burger Palace at K and 21st NW, eponymous burger emporium of one Bobby Flay-- yes, he of FoodNetwork fame, the Iron chef himself-- sits just outside the range of easy lunchtime walking distance.  Not ones to be swayed by celebrity buzz or detered by proximity however, we approached our task with all the same objectivity as all our previous entrants.  TV is one thing,...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 21, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - Burger Diaries Day 4

Rounding out Day 4, our team ventured over to a tried and true standby, BGR: The Burger Joint.  While past experiences definitely place BGR in a favorable light, it's been a while since we sampled their namesake product.  What better opportunity than Octobërgerfest week to put their burgers to the test!
**Check out our inaugural post to get a run-down of the Octobërgerfest manifesto and rating system**
Victor - Turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, grilled...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 20, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - Burger Diaries Day 3

Day 3 started off with quite the surprise.  Having read our impressions from day 2 of Octobërgerfest, Jenny Conrad, general manager at the Dupont Circle Shake Shack, was kind enough to have half a dozen shakes personally couriered over to our office!  Not only that, each of our reviewers were given Shake Shack gift vouchers and hand-written notes enticing us to come back again soon.  Talk about freebies.  BEHOLD! The power of words!   
We definitely appreciate...

By Interactive Strategies
Oct 19, 2011

1st Annual Octobërgerfest - Burger Diaries Day 1

For Day 1 of our inaugural Octobërgerfest, we decided to go with a previously tried and true favorite, Black & Orange (formerly The Rogue States).  
Setting favorable bias aside for the task at hand, Cory, Corey, and myself ordered a respectable selection of their menu items.
**Check out our inaugural post to get a run-down of the Octobërgerfest manifesto and rating system**
Cory - 1/4 lb "Pardon My French"  served in lettuce (NO BUN!), tomato, pickle,...

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