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By Interactive Strategies
Aug 15, 2011

Happy Monday

The Google+ Song, in case you're an auditory learner...

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 11, 2011

Content: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Content Strategy is not a new concept. In fact, back in 2000 when I was transitioning my print journalism background to the unchartered world of the world wide web, I participated in a workshop at the National Press Club (lots of journalists needed to beef up, hence the location) conducted by Merry Bruns, a notable pioneer in the field of online content strategy.

And over the past several years an industry-wide acceptance that content is central to successful online experiences has gained...

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 09, 2011

Sensation? Yes. Overnight? Maybe not.

Sometimes we talk with clients about a "phased approach." This often means prioritizing features for launch and post-launch, or establishing priority search terms for immediate and long-term returns on investment. Sometimes these discussions are difficult: Clients want to realize a vision as soon as possible; we want to help them get there strategically and most cost-efficiently. So when I saw this article today in UX Magazine - Myth #32: Success happens overnight - it reminded...

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 02, 2011

Dead Technologies: Thank You For Being a Friendster

The dawn of "social media" is something that my generation has had the dubious honor of participating in, and indeed pioneering, since before the term "social media" even meant anything (..still not entirely sure what it means). Over the years, my personal level of participation has been undertaken sometimes with trepidation, sometimes with reckless abandon, but always with willing curiosity.

My family "got" Internet in 1995. Try as I might, My 13 year-old brain...

By Interactive Strategies
Jul 22, 2011

Sites of Note #2

Show Off -

The easiest way to share localhost over the web.


Fore Fathers -

ONE JUGGLES. ANOTHER COMPLETES A FIERCE DOUBLE SOMERSAULT. OH THE PASSION! You won't find any patsies at Forefathers - just good-timers with a whole lot of moxie. - is your own ebook library in the cloud, accessible from anywhere and almost anything.

Disney Digital Books -...

By Bruce Namerow
Jul 20, 2011

What Our Own Redesign Reminded Us

In the web industry it’s a widely accepted fact that redesigning your own website is a difficult task, so difficult that many agencies simply outsource. We faced that reality after many failed attempts to get our own redesign off the ground. That’s when a simple thought dawned on us: why weren’t we treating our website like any other client project? That was the aha moment we needed.

So during the Winter holidays while our clients were off on vacation, we convened a...

By Kye Tiernan
Jul 20, 2011

Do You Need to Re-brand? You bet.

How do you know when it is time to retire your brand identity?   This is a hard question for most organizations – even ones like us who pride ourselves on helping clients through this process. 

In January 2011, IS began redesigning its website.  We started by having discussions with each department, conducting competitive research, and analyzing what was, and was not, working on our current site.  As we began to dig deeper into the process questions began to emerge...

By Dean Burney
Jul 20, 2011

Our Redesign - Did We Get it Right?

How do you measure the success of a web design?  I’m not talking about conversion rates, visits or bounces, or any number of analytical figures you can ultimately use to evaluate the effectiveness of site – I’m talking purely about the design.  How do you know when the design is right?

Certainly there are designs that don’t work – disjointed typography, poor balance or composition, clashing colors, etc.   But with a team of experienced...

By Interactive Strategies
Jul 19, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

As seen on a lunch walk. The Washington Monument is the subject of millions of photos. I don't think many compare to this one taken on my humble iPhone.

By Interactive Strategies
Jul 15, 2011

Sites of Note


oPwer -

The future of home energy management starts with better information. Welcome to oPower. oPower Crosses the Pond!


University of Wake Forest Stores -

In the last couple of years universitieshave really stepped up their online games. It's great to see WakeForest update their online stores to better aide students in finding the books and products they need.


Nizo -

We've reengineered...

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