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By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2011

Cupcakestravaganza 2011!

Nobody really knows why or where our craze for cupcakes started around here and we don’t really care.  We just appreciate that we’re a bit nuts for those sweet little morsels and run with it.  No judgment, just pure satisfaction.  I have to say, sometimes when some of us know that there are cupcakes in the office, they find it hard to concentrate. And who can blame them? 

We’re lucky to live and work in a city with such a wealth of fine cupcake...

By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2011

Finding the Big Idea

InfinityQS makes the world’s leading real-time SPC software. What’s that mean? Don’t worry, we had no idea either when we took on the company’s website redesign. But we soon learned that their software is used in factories around the globe to make products safe – from ketchup to cars to medicine to airplanes. Cool.

And luckily we had our kick-off meeting at their offices because we got to see (we are visual people afterall) what that really means. Their lobby...

By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor, Lucky Bar Is There.

Yes, we work above a bar. There are obvious albeit clichéd reasons why this could be considered a sweet work perk. And it is when you’re an office newbie. But to most of us, the Lucky Bar is like that pesky neighbor you don't want to talk to but still borrow his lawn mower. And like any good neighbor, we've gotten to know the Lucky Bar over the years. Here are seven things we’ve learned. In other words:

The Lucky 7 List

You can’t call yourself...

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