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By Interactive Strategies
Jun 30, 2014

Top 6 Apps to Help You Conquer Instagram

 Whether you're looking to expand your social media presence, or to just sharpen up an Instagram profile, knowing the ways to to enhance your image on this burgoening app is crucial to staying relevant online. 
This time, we are going after an extremely popular app that sold for one billion dollars, despite its lack of generating any material thing. That app, of course, is Instagram, which was sold to Facebook back in 2012 for a cool billion, and is now one of the fastest growing social...

By Ryan McBurney
Jun 27, 2014

Washington Redskins Name Change Idea

“The Washington Natives. Yea, I like that. It has a nice ring to it.”
In case you haven’t heard, our favorite football team here at IS, the Washington Redskins, is under fire for what many pundits deem to be a derogatory and racist name. Many are demanding the name to be changed. Heck, there’s even a commercial for it.
While we all differ here about whether we think the word is truly as bad as people are claiming, we all tend to agree on one fact: That due to the ongoing backlash, the name will...

By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2014

Can Our Social Media Platforms Actually Help People?

As the new summer marketing intern here at Interactive Strategies, I have been introduced to a completely new realm of social media; a realm replete with online startups attempting to establish themselves as viable competitors in a market focused around a few digital giants (similar to the dot com bubble of the nineties? No way—not with the existing web platform that companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have solidified). I’ve found tech companies chomping at the bit to prove themselves in...

By Ryan McBurney
May 30, 2014

New Site Launch - Edelman Financial Services

I’m late to the game, but I still felt compelled to give a quick shout out to our team for their amazing work on Edelman Financial Services’ new website.
You can check out the site here:
And you can check out our case study here:
Led by Mark Davenport, strategy extraordinaire, we built a site that totally reshifted the firm’s focus and positioning. Instead of focusing on Ric Edelman – the man,...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 15, 2014

Amid Change, Email Remains a Constant

In the world of digital marketing there always seems to be a new flavor of the month. And while companies must stay tuned to the possibilities of something new becoming the next Twitter, retargeting technology, or paid search; more often than not new trends tend to surface as gimmicks and fade into obscurity.
Not email.
Email, the tried and true, brick and mortar communication staple, has held its own for 4 decades, and is here to stay. Without it, could the workforce even conduct business just...

By Interactive Strategies
Mar 03, 2014

Digital Marketing for Restaurants That Gets People In the Door

Over a year ago, my girlfriend and I found ourselves at the annual contemplation of where to go for DC restaurant week.  At that point we had always enjoyed getting a three-course meal from a premium-priced steak chain for $35.99 per person… but we wanted something new.
Our search started with Google, as it so often does, to see what other foodies had to say about getting the best value from the Restaurant Week promotion.  The 200+ restaurants participating in the promotion share the same...

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 21, 2014

Winners of The Things We Love!

IS was buzzing last night at our open house as we celebrated the clients, colleagues and friends who have helped us along the way.
The evening was full of fun and laughter. We were thrilled to see everyone having a good time grabbing a signature drink, enjoying the food, admiring the flowers and office space, taking photos in front of our screen animation of clients, and being silly behind the camera of the now famous photo booth. Truly, we thank you for making one great party.
Without further...

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 19, 2014

Celebrating the Peeps We Love

IS is buzzing as we gear up to celebrate the clients, colleagues and friends who have helped us along the way tomorrow night at our open house!
Bruce kicked off the fun today with a lunch to welcome two new faces and additions to our Development Team: Brad Carlsen and Josh Cooper (bios coming soon!). We also are happy to be joined by our remote staff from Denver, Frenchie, and Philly, Chris.
Bruce also gave a heartfelt shout-out to what he dubbed, "The 5 Years Club," of which yours truly is honored...

By Interactive Strategies
Feb 14, 2014

Celebrating The Things We Love

It’s St. Valentine’s Day so we decided to hop onboard the love train and take a moment to celebrate the people, places and things that make us smile. There’s certainly a lot of love to go around IS these days. Our clients rule (as usual). Our projects are more exciting than ever. And we’re digging our sweet new office digs.
So I decided to spread the love, and polled some of my IS Peeps to see what they’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day. About their jobs, the industry, hobbies, family, friends...

By Ryan McBurney
Feb 12, 2014

New Site Launch - MobileMDs

Simply put, MobileMDs can help bring the doctor to you - with good ole' fashioned house call doctors.

In an era of over-crowded waiting rooms, non-existent doctor/patient relationship and confusing scheduling, MobileMDs is trying to bring modern healthcare back to its roots; back to the age when the patient-doctor relationship actually meant something. Just as doctors did generations ago, MobileMDs is on a mission to provide medical attention and urgent care to needy patients in the comfort...

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