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By Interactive Strategies
Jan 28, 2014

Congratulations! You're a Publisher

Websites, infographics, social media, video, email. We push out content across so many channels these days that in some ways our brands have become, for all intents and purposes, publishers. And with each unique channel at our disposal come features, tools and nuances to master. These we must understand in order to craft and deliver content that breaks through the noise, reaches our audiences and drives conversions.
With a content strategy that provides the right mix of compelling content for your...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 27, 2014

34 Ways To Be a Better Marketer

Sometimes the things we need to make us better at what we do (and who we are) can't be found in spreadsheets or data graphs. Sometimes it comes from somewhere else. That intangible place is where this post comes from. It is my hope that with these 34 thoughts you find perhaps two or three that provide meaning, guidance, and maybe even a stepping stone to becoming the success you want to be.


Dont be lazy.

Learn what works, and what won't.

Know what will get you in trouble,...

By Leslee Russell
Jan 27, 2014

Puppy Rescues Infant from Attacking Alligators

Headlines are nothing new, but the impact of headlines has grown exponentially. You know the headlines I’m talking about. Everyone wants to know what kind of fart they are (I did not make this up, go find out for yourself. I got Loud and Proud!). But what are the keys to success in writing a good headline?

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 23, 2014

The Power of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is good for everyone. For marketers, it helps them strengthen the relationship between brands and consumers, thus increasing impressions and word of mouth advertising. For consumer, it provides validity to their opinions and recognition to their contributions. It’s a win-win.
So as marketers, what can we do to capture the precious, often-sought material that is user-generated content? Well, that’s a good question. Here’s a good start:
1. Run Targeted, Online Contests That...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

Web Design: Breaking the Mold

As we begin a new year sure to be filled with exciting and novel advancements in the field of web design, it’s always worthwhile to take a step back and assess where we are as an industry and how far we’ve come. Of course, the passage of another year in many ways can be pretty arbitrary.  Creative and technological trends are cumulative at best and rarely obey any absolute strictures of time or align themselves in neat chronological increments.
With particular focus on visual design...

By Ryan McBurney
Jan 21, 2014

Corey Johnson: The Man with the Plan

Always have a plan. The dots always seem to connect somehow.
This was the message given to senior students at Freedom High School in Woodbridge, VA by Corey Johnson, our uber-talented Art Director.

Brought in to talk to students interested in graphic design, Corey shared his unique story and career path that included several highs and lows through Lancaster, VA, VCU, AOL, and now IS. It was a story that helped shape Corey, both personally and professionally, and it was a story that provided valuable...

By Ryan McBurney
Jan 21, 2014

New Site Launch - Envision

We're thrilled to announce the launch of one our recent web projects - Envision's new website!
The fully responsive site design showcases the company’s new brand while seamlessly consolidating program information from multiple sites into one unified experience.  From persona-based navigation and a searchable program catalog to alumni testimonials and photo galleries, the Envision site provides students, parents and educators with a clear path toward college and career readiness.
Shout out...

By David French
Jan 21, 2014

I.S. Goes Responsive

When FrontPoint Security approached us to redesign their website, we saw a great opportunity to build the fully responsive site we’ve been pining for.  It wasn’t a tough sell, as FrontPoint had done their own research and were anxious to build a site that would position them as the industry thought leaders they already were.  Over the past year we had dabbled with responsive design on a smaller scale, so we recognized the potential, but at last it was time to dive into the...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

Sites of Note - Vol 9

It's time once again to take a gander at some lovely websites that have surprised, delighted and entertained us over the past few days.


Based in Chicago and San Francisco, digital agency Weightshift recently unveiled a terrific redesign of their site.  While the previous version was certainly nothing to scoff at, the site's newest incarnation is bright, shiny and refreshingly austere.  Really admire the candid tone of their Memo section, and lots of great...

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 21, 2014

New Site Launch! The Clearing

We're excited to announce another super site launch! Say hello to The Clearing.
The Clearing delivers strategic consulting services to help companies "clear through the clutter" and make their visions a reality. Central to our strategy was to "show, not tell" The Clearing's story. With cutting-edge HTML5 techniques we bring their mission to life through a scrolling homepage animation.
A minimalist, responsive design with simple messaging, paired with illustrations that visually demonstrate The...

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