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By Interactive Strategies
Sep 17, 2013

I.S. Takes Part in Giving Back to Local DC NonProfits

We have the pleasure of taking part in a fantastic local event this year, Giveback DC. It’s truly an honor and we look forward to our work helping DC nonprofits boost their digital marketing. In preparation of the event, we thought it would be great to give you a sense of what Giveback DC is by allowing you to hear about the event directly from the wizard behind the curtain, Homiera Emam from WDG.
LW: Good Morning Homiera, thank you for joining me today.
HE: My pleasure Levi, I appreciate the...

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 14, 2013

Content Is King

The cliche is true: Content IS king.
Your interactive experience won’t go far without great content. In fact, there's no limit to how far it can go with great content.
At this moment your brand may have a website, social profiles, a mobile presence and a possibly a blog - or any combination of these. In the past many brands considered each a separate and exclusive entity with individual content strategies, editorial plans and (most likely) editors in chief. But today we know better. We know that...

By Interactive Strategies
Aug 09, 2013

SEO Tips - Forgotten Tactics to Increase Clicks

I find it interesting that most SEO pros focus on tactics geared towards better rankings… to then turn around and say they don’t use rankings as a success metric.
What’s up with that?
I’m not really sure, but how about we look at a couple tactics that are meant to increase chances of a CLICK rather than ranking improvement. Tactics that both increase relevance and help get the user down the conversion funnel.
The Meta Description Tag
An oldie but a goodie. If you have spent any time optimizing...

By Interactive Strategies
May 24, 2013

Artifacts: Lessons and Takeaways from ARTIFACT 2013

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending the first ever Artifact Conference in Austin, TX – a two-day, single track conference intended to illuminate new processes, approaches, and techniques towards web design in our contemporary multi-device landscape.  Quite a tall order for any one conference to tackle singlehandedly, but I'm happy to say I came away from the event with a renewed sense of inspiration, insight and excitement for the future of the web.

Not So Fast

By Interactive Strategies
May 20, 2013

Totem Launches At DrupalCon

When an organization comes together, it builds something special.
This is the motto for our newly released Drupal project, Totem – an open source community software platform.  Unlike other platforms, social media sites and Drupal projects built because someone wanted a cool feature set for their site, Totem was born out of a belief that as a collaborative community, organizations can indeed, empower ideas and accomplish amazing things.
We believe that many organizations have the power...

By Ryan McBurney
May 02, 2013

When Tragedy Strikes, Should Brands Engage?

After dark moments such as the Boston Marathon bombings, we all feel an overwhelming sense to connect and experience our emotions together. People look for opportunities to come together, unite, and support those that are suffering. And as seen in many instances these days, it’s social media that has given people the appropriate forums to show their support and act accordingly.
But where do brands fit into this equation? What is their place in the healing and relief process?
I was originally...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 19, 2013

A Whirlwind Tour of Launches

Since the beginning of the year, the Design and Development staff here at Interactive Strategies has been heads down with a series of launches.  The team has managed to complete four builds in the past two months.   Two of them were extremely complex builds that ran over a very long period of time because it was the release of Interactive Strategies’ first Drupal Feature Distribution.  The feature distribution is for community content driven web applications.  ...

By Mark Davenport
Apr 13, 2013

When a Multi-Channel Marketing Opportunity Falls Flat

If you traveled through DC's Metro Center recently, you probably noticed it's been plastered with posters from the restaurant chain, TGIFridays. They contain cryptic messages like: "No more cheese at Friday’s“ and “” (the latter paired with a huge question mark). Since apparently they bought every ad space in the enormous station, this must have been a huge campaign for them.
I don't recall ever eating at a TGIFriday's, but I was intrigued...

By Interactive Strategies
Apr 03, 2013

3rd Party CMS Module or Custom Code?

Third-Party modules or custom code?
Our experience with core CMS platforms and their so-called “included” or available modules that purport to satisfy popular needs of our clients, such as blogging and e-commerce, has taught us an important lesson:
They usually do not satisfy the requirements. 
Even if they come close, extensive custom code is required to bring the basic functionality of these modules to function as advertised, and especially, as specified by our clients.

By Interactive Strategies
Jan 28, 2013

Food Truck O'Rama (Part I)

Many cities are known for a cuisine. Buffalo is known for chicken wings. Chicago’s got deep dish pizza. If you’re craving a cheese steak, Philly’s your kind of town. But what’s DC known for? Aside from Ben’s Chilly Bowl and a surge in cupcakes  and burgers, our Nation’s Capitol hasn’t exactly found its niche.
So why not do a lot of things well? After all, DC is a city of multi-tasking workaholics.
Enter the food truck.
Over the past few years DC’s...

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