Welcoming Visitors Home

Choosing a senior living home is an extensive, emotionally taxing process that typically begins on the web. Brightview Senior Living wanted a more modern website that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

It’s All in the Details

What a difference video makes. To illustrate Brightview’s upscale offering and differentiate it from competitors, we added modern, elegant touches like patterned backgrounds, a balance of serif and sans serif fonts, and absolutely no stock photography.

Real Talk

When we toured Brightview’s communities, we knew we had to capture the friendly, welcoming vibe we found there. We developed a tone guide and drafted content that makes the site’s language feel like people, not robots. Then we added Facebook feeds, activity listings and other dynamic elements to unveil the vibrant life in Brightview communities.

One Platform, Multiple Personalities

Brightview operates 35+ communities, and each one is distinct. We needed a website that could reflect each community’s personality, while still being easy to maintain. We integrated Brightview’s communities with a cohesive look-and-feel and a global navigation that allows visitors to surf from one community to another.

One Thing Leads to Another

Brightview’s main goal: Increase lead generation. We placed calls-to-action at strategic spots on the site, including a custom sticky navigation on each community page. In just three months, new contacts acquired increased by 52%.

Flood the Market

To drive greater awareness, we took a fully integrated approach to strategy and design. We used analytics to boost Brightview’s SEO rankings. For example, we recommended Brightview change “dementia care” to “memory care” due to greater search volume. Our digital marketing team optimized for geographic terms in Brightview’s main markets. We even created a print brochure announcing Brightview’s new brand. We really can do it all.

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