Land Trust Alliance

Representing more than 1,100 land trusts and five million members across the United States, this national conservation organization approached us with a challenge experienced by other associations of their size and stature – a mountain of content with a maze of poorly marked trails.

A Tale as Old as Land

While the Alliance’s previous site was filled with content explaining what they do, it was lacking the story of why they do it (and why their audience should care). It required strong contextual appeals to engage site visitors and encourage them to join the mission of protecting the United States’ open spaces and historical sites. With an ultimate goal of unearthing this story, we sought to bring it to life using beautiful images and (a minimum of) words.

Uncovering Buried Content

Over the years, the Alliance’s site accumulated hundreds of content pages, which overran the site’s organizational structure. This caused dead-ends, loops and hidden paths abound. Determined to simplify the user experience, we sorted the content by topic and type, enabling site visitors to quickly find what they need – whether a webinar, handbook or how-to article. We also integrated links to an external bookstore and resource center containing content that had previously been difficult to find.

Old Frontier Gets A Bold New Look

When your subject matter is beautiful landscapes and the people that work to protect them, it’s important to show more and tell less. Using brightly colored panels of stunning imagery and features of real-world success stories, we designed a clear, captivating and categorized site – one that’s dedicated to land but built for users. Not to mention, it’s completely responsive and optimized for devices of all shapes and sizes.

Conserving Space And Increasing Impact

Through the implementation of simple, story-telling panels and clear calls-to-action, we transformed text-heavy pages into concise narratives – increasing engagement while minimizing user-confusion.

Land Lovers Unite

Through design and development of a brand new blog and updated policy center, we positioned the Alliance as the one stop destination for critical discussions in the land trust world. Now the website has a place for everything – and everything is in its place.

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