How do you position Toll-Free in the digital age?

Somos, a leader in registry management and data solutions, approached us to overhaul its public facing website, The new site needed to embody the company’s position as an innovator and thought leader—and better demonstrate the value of Toll-Free in the digital age.

Growing the business and audience together

A flexible information architecture (IA) and select lead generation capture touch points for the new set them up to meet specific KPIs of audience growth and engagement as their business portfolio expands. The redesign offered an opportunity to optimize by adding a search function and working together with their APIs on the "Find a Toll-Free Number" tool to enable searching across any Toll-Free area code. Before launch, we led usability testing with target user groups to help ensure a user-facing end product that delivers on audience needs.

A more human way to talk tech

Somos wanted to expand beyond its traditional audiences by adopting a more approachable, human voice. The design brings this voice to life through the look-and-feel: graphics, animation and real company photos and videos that convey a vibrant culture.

Company culture, front and center

As a recruiting tool, it was critical that the site embody Somos' close-knit culture while touting its generous benefits. We provided guidelines for photo and video shoots that capture the "Somosian" spirit. Testimonials reinforce that this is a company that empowers its employees to voice their opinions, stretch their imagination and grow.

Bringing a vibrant event to life

Somos’ annual Toll-Free User Summit brings together industry leaders and peers for a multi-day event packed with insights on how Toll-Free can be the catalyst for meaningful two-way conversations. We helped to give the Summit the excitement and prominence it deserves with its own microsite experience featuring travel, schedule and virtual sessions.

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