Fundraising to Protect Wildlands

The Wilderness Society (TWS) is at the forefront of protecting 110 million acres of our nation’s public lands. They turned to us for fundraising and a website redesign during a critical time for their fight. We worked to strategically sync both projects to make the biggest possible impact and consistently beat monthly fundraising goals.

Making Meaningful Connections With Donors

We leveraged the current political environment to make a stronger connection with donors and create the urgency to act. Our approach employs multiple touchpoints across channels to boost audience engagement, while lowering costs.

Planning for Year End, Year Round

End-of-year fundraising campaigns don’t happen overnight. We formed a strong partnership with TWS, tightly coordinating our efforts to ensure that at year-end, we had a strong base of potential donors and cultivated leads to tap into.

Test, Scale, Test Again

We continually A/B test TWS’ campaigns to see what creative is resonating with potential donors. Testing and iteration also help us learn what variables drive conversions: photo types, button placement, color palette and other details that can make all the difference.

Coordinating Our Efforts

The donation landing page is just one example of how fundraising and website redesign work in step. By revamping the look-and-feel of the donation page and offering transparency into what donations go to support, we’re helping to reduce drop-offs while raising more funds.

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