By Interactive Strategies
Feb 14, 2014

Celebrating The Things We Love

It’s St. Valentine’s Day so we decided to hop onboard the love train and take a moment to celebrate the people, places and things that make us smile. There’s certainly a lot of love to go around IS these days. Our clients rule (as usual). Our projects are more exciting than ever. And we’re digging our sweet new office digs.

So I decided to spread the love, and polled some of my IS Peeps to see what they’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day. About their jobs, the industry, hobbies, family, friends – all things big and small.

Here’s what they told me. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I love the challenge of immersing myself in a new industry and all the learning that goes along with that; the reward of knowing you really helped people make their lives and jobs easier, and their businesses more successful; and that feeling you get when you know you’ve nailed something and you just want to sit and stare at it...Those magic words – "I love it, no changes.” Also love any kind of live music and reliving my childhood through the eyes of my two boys.

I love working with such brilliant, fun and down-to-earth people. I love being part of an open-source platform development community that encourages learning and gives back to itself. My newest love outside of work is acro yoga. Anyone for some therapeutic flying in the middle of the office? :)

I love being able to learn as the digital industry constantly changes, as well as work within many different industries and sectors. I also love Jayson Werth's beard. Google it :) It's a glorious, glorious beard.

I love never sitting still and constantly learning while working at IS. Each project brings a unique challenge and keeps things from getting stale. And I love brewing beer in my free time.

Paul M
I love for giving me free music. And I love our casual environment where its ok to wear hoodies and t-shirts.

I love our casual work environment where there's lots of cross-department talking and camaraderie. As an account manager I enjoy new, exciting challenges with different clients and project needs. I love working in an industry where innovation is happening everywhere. For fun, I love to play with my 13-month-old daughter. She loves to read and play ball!

There are two very distinct things that I love equally about my job. The first is the pitch. I have always enjoyed developing unique and exciting concepts and presenting them to clients in a way that blows them away. The other is the level of competition in SEO. Everyone wants to be number one (on a Google results page) and the constant battle to get there is a lot of fun, especially when Google changes the game board so often and shakes everything up. As for what I love outside of work, without a doubt it is speed. I love to go fast. Doesn't matter if it's falling at terminal velocity from a plane, enjoying a new roller coaster or in my car... the faster I'm going, the happier I am.

The thing I love about the design field is being free, and not constrained. It’s expression. It’s communication. It’s always changing. I love working at IS mostly because of the people I work with. I love fishing. I love the natural smell of the water. I love the feeling you get when you get a fish on the line - that struggle. I love to laugh, and be happy.

Yours Truly
I love that I call some of my colleagues my best friends; working for a company that sets no limits for how far you can grow; the moment of clarity in the strategy process when the path forward becomes crystal clear for everyone; and reading something I've written aloud back to myself and knowing I nailed it. I love that I am able to enjoy a happy, healthy life with a sense of humor, an awesome family, fantastic friends and, of course, AppleTV.

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