By Ryan McBurney
Jan 21, 2014

Corey Johnson: The Man with the Plan

Always have a plan. The dots always seem to connect somehow.

This was the message given to senior students at Freedom High School in Woodbridge, VA by Corey Johnson, our uber-talented Art Director.

Brought in to talk to students interested in graphic design, Corey shared his unique story and career path that included several highs and lows through Lancaster, VA, VCU, AOL, and now IS. It was a story that helped shape Corey, both personally and professionally, and it was a story that provided valuable lessons to outgoing seniors - especially leassons around his mindset and approach.

Screenshots of his presentation can be seen below, but you can check out his full presentation here.

Interestingly enough, his talk about having a plan goes perfectly with the IS approach for having a well-thought out strategy before big decisions are made.

Through day-to-day work with clients and ongoing projects, we don’t often get the chance to take a step back and acknowledge how genuinely impressive our co-workers are. Today, I’m thankful for the opportunity to say that I’m constantly amazed by Corey (and not just his design skillzzz) and I give him major props for being a key component to our success here at IS. 

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